My screenshots

Now. To all those "I can't use linux 'cause can't do this or that", think twice. Have fun, I had my fun the last
5 - 8 years with it, never learned any coding, packaging or webmastering. I don't have a tallent for this kind 
of stuff. Just plain fun. Below some mixed screenshot ranging from ~2003 to now.

Playing a LPCM Stereo DVDA album from VLC. Extreme sound quality, with all the respect for the great artist!

Playing System Shock over DOSBox, extremely good amusement

Another funny amusement - Windows XP on VirtualBox

Testing a SUSEStudio appliance online

The auto-hidden taskbar in my KDE Desktop, very handy

Very early KDE4 - top performance using aged Radeon 9200 (64MB RAM)

KDE3 with openSUSE - I hope it'll become THAT GOOD AGAIN!

Amarok 1.4.X - Where are you, O you best audioplayer ever. Come back. Some hope with Clementine!

Best icon-theme ever, on KDE3, great and easy Samba support!

The CLASSIC - Amarok 1.4.X

TOP CLASS Qt & GTK integration - KDE3 and GIMP

WinUAE emulator ran on wine to emulate Amiga! Fully working, even the budget USB steering wheel  worked on Lotus Turbo Challenge II!!!!!!!

FL Studio 6 on openSUSE 11.3

Win98 on early KDE4