Make your openSUSE do all the things you would expect from it: Introduction


Hi. For years I have been a Linux user and most of the time the choice was SuSE/openSUSE, starting from SuSE 8.1. What I often see are totally new users confused how to get it working with all bells and whistles as far as multimedia and networking. For experienced users and devs this might not present a problem, but for new Linux users and non-techie people out there multiple ways of solving problems seem to be confusing.

So I've decided to present a list of posts with each new openSUSE release. This posts will cover mostly very basic steps, to make your computer a fully equiped multimedia and networking center for the average user. Shortly, to make it work, like my SuSE works :).

For the very start I've listed some things, that will be explained

1. Samba ain't workin (Apparmor tweaking needed)
2. KNetworkmanager, Plasmoid-Networkmanager - rubbish on mobile broadband  

3. NetworkManager-GNOME installation - ain't work on KDE4 (deinstall KNM, PNM, edit properly Autostart options for GNM) SEE "STEP 2." BLOG ENRTY

4. Fonts ugly on LCD/LED displays (add MUZLOCKER REPO, switch system packs to
MUZLOCKER) - a good example how to add repositories and make use of them.

5 (obviously) - how to get MP3 and other format support, minor multimedia
stuff like transcoding files, ripping and burning media etc SEE "STEP 1." BLOG ENTRY

AND fixing Mplayer bug!

6. how to install NVIDIA binary drivers (and how to deinstall the rpm version
vbefore that)

7. How to install ATI drivers
8. How to get JACK fully operational in realtime mode
9. Some useful links to some experts (like for Samba
configuration). SEE "USEFUL LINKS" below the blog-posts.
10.  Kmail tips...
11. how to make yer firefox fully operational (DownThemAll, Adblock Plus, Flashblock, VLC-plugin etc.)

I hope this way I can redirect some new guys from the #suse IRC-channel to get ready answers. The posts will be adequatelly tagged for easy searching. I look forward for any cooperation. Any suggestions and comments are welcome and now let's get some posts done.

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