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This is the experimental area - not suggested to new Linux users and people unexperienced in computers.

1. The BUG after updating to KDE Upstream 46 REPO!

After the update to 4.6.1 (from the KDE Upstream 46  repo and KDE Upstream 46 Extra repo , when trying to login to KDE4, I was informed my session isn't correct anymore.

What I did is, in the login screen I just went Session Type -> click KDE.

Than I was able to login to KDE4 again. Further instant bug handling using some upstream repositories for more experienced users will be covered here.

That's it, have fun!

2. Getting the Networkmanager-GNOME to work in the console-way

Please follow these instructions of cb400f:  Getting GNOME network manager to work in KDE4

3. The Virtualbox 4.0 bug = NO network and/or samba.

My network and samba suddenly stopped working. Funny reason, the virtualbox from Oracle was fault.

In case one day u can't access samba or got no network, just deinstall your Virtualbix 4.0. and restart computer. See if you can access internet and samba then.
I didn't copy/paste the samba and system logs, but the error was similar like here:

# insserv samba
insserv: FATAL: service syslog is missed in the runlevels 4 to use service

I don't know if it also affects the OpenSource Edition of Virtualbox, but it happened just like that. I had network and samba and suddenly it was broken by some Virtualbox issue. Deinstalling helped. So if you see a similar error when (as root) you do

tail -f tail -f /var/log/NetworkManager


tail -f /var/log/samba/log.smbd  

...than see if deinstalling Virtualbox helps. It can always be installed back and your virtual machines stay untouched. 

I've added this issue to the wifi section of openSUSE forums here: