My productions

Here some of the stuff I've been able to accomplish with help of openSUSE.

1. I used JACK sound server and Ardour program to REMASTER my work of year 2000, back then made with Rebirth 2.0 on Windows 98. Now Rebirth 2.0 works perfectly on wine, so I opened my old track, exported separately the TB-303 emulators and drum machines, with separate bassdrum export (not to distort the other percussion too heavily). After that I've opened Ardour and adjusted the level of the separate waves. The new MIX sounds F#CKEN AWESOME, compared to the original Rebirth mix from the year 2000.

Here you can download the REMASTERED mix in a high quality MP3 (to be uploaded)


Ardour in remastering action

JACK server running REALTIME MODE on openSUSE 11.4

Rebirth 2.0.1 running on wine on openSUSE 11.4

I must say, the linux environment is harder to configure than Windows for non-developer musicians, but with time I'm getting better. I will post a guide on how to configure JACK to run in realtime mode and how to install Rebirth on openSUSE 11.4.