Step 1: Repositories and get all multimedia stuff to work.

Couple of days after openSUSE 11.4 release and it's time for you to get your mp3, mkv, flac and ape files to play and enjoy.

EDIT: These instructions also apply for openSUSE 12.1

This is a good occasion to learn how to add repositories (shortly: repos) with YaST Software Management. To get multimedia support we need to add a repo called Packman. This is how we proceed:

1. Press Alt+F2 and type "yast" (always exclude the " " marks from my instructions). Than choose click the icon (a white animal in green circle). Give the root password and YaST will show up. Choose Software Management. From there choose from the menu Configuration -> Repositories.

The Repository manager will appear.

There choose "Add" and then in next window "Give URL". Next choose a name of your preference like "Packman 11.4" and in the lower box paste this URL:

for openSUSE 12.1 users:

For other mirrors please look here:

Click "Next" and the repo will be added.

Afterwards click "OK" in the main Repo Manager window. This way the Packman repo's been added.

Now you will be transported back to the Software Manager. Here in the searchbox you can type in package names and on the right side you'll see results.

We need to install a couple of multimedia apps, that will automatically pull the needed codeds along.

Type smplayer in the searchbox. After it's found, click the empty square beside the package name, so that it turns into a green tick, like here (it's an example shown on another packagage search):

Now in the same manner, search more packages:

soundkonverter, avidemux, streamtuner, vlc, smplayer, w32codec, kid3, libdvdcss, k3b-codecs... I might add a few more later, but this should do.

IMPORTANT: On some occasions YaST may warn you about the need to take a responsible decission, whether to change vendor, not install a package, leave it or break deps. Sometimes there are multiple warnings. This process is called RESOLVING DEPENDENCIES

Basically, NEVER choose to break the deps. Also never accept changing package architectures, which you might be proposed to do as well. Just take change vendor and see if you can resolve all dependencies step by step. If you get confused and it shows hundreds of unresolved deps, just cancel the window and cancel the SW Management window. Start over and take it slowly.

Back to choosing packages, my favourite music player for every day use is qmmp, you might add it as well. For playing videos, DVDs (from media or folders!) use smplayer and vlc. Both have great options and handle most subtitles. Use k3b to burn and rip your CDs and DVDs. To get videos from your Firefox, search for vlc-mozillaplugin. Also search for flashplayer and java-1_6_0-sun and java-1_6_0-sun-plugin to get your internet banking and other java-driven stuff operational.

To get sound in java stuff, search for java-1_6_0-sun-alsa. After all packages are found and ticked, click Accept (bottom right of the SW Managment window). You will be presented a summary of the installation and about all the packages that are about to be pulled to meet dependencies. After the installation process is over, run a system update just to make sure all's fine. To do it, run the SW Manager from YaST again and do the following:
Menu -> Package -> All packages -> Update, if newer version is available.

Now you will get a list of what's about to be updated, click "Accept" and the system will be updated.

To make sure all's been properly updated and configured, after the system update log out from KDE4 and than log in again.

Now run the video and music players to see if and how they play your files.
That's it, have fun! 

EDIT 1: To access more packages, software aimed for Polish users and more multimedia apps, please visit the Step Zero page, where I've listed the most important repositories that I use.

EDIT 2: To make smplayer work, hit Alt + F2 and run the following command:

kdesu kwrite /etc/mplayer/mplayer.conf

A window with root kwrite session will open showing the mplayer.conf file.

Search for the string: ,alsa and change it to ao - alsa

Save the file, restart smplayer and see if u can watch movies now.

That's it, have fun,

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