openSUSE 12.2: The zypper dup upgrade.

OpenSUSE 12.3 is just at the door. I have not been around for a while. Just to maintain the versioning I finally post the instruction on upgrating OpenSUSE 12.1 to 12.2.

Also, I did not notice any significant problems with my system, so I did not opst any sollutions. The lack of issues is a rather positive experience. If you encounter any problems and need assistance, just post comments and I'll report back.

The instruction on upgrating from OpenSUSE 12.1 to 12.2 is almost an exact copy of the previous, which is a positive evolution, not needing to learn other ways each time. Takes less time and works fantastic.

The main task is to change each 12.1 to a 12.2 in the links and commands.  Here is the detailed walkthrough, that worked for me without a flaw:

We will use zypper for this. Note, that all the repositories with all your favourite goodies need to be turned off for this procedurde.

It is also worth to do the upgrade process from the first framebuffer (to reach it press Ctrl + Alt + F1, to go back to the X window buffer press Ctrl + Alt + F7).

But before we need to use the fb1 (framebuffer 1), initial settings need to be done from the console in our window system. 

1. Turn off all repos with this command (as root!!):

zypper modifyrepo --all --disable

2.  Add the main repository:

zypper ar --name "openSUSE-12.2 OSS" SuSE12.2

3. Add the non OSS repository:

zypper ar --name "openSUSE-12.2 non-OSS" SuSE12.2non-OSS

4. Add the Update repository:

zypper ar --name "openSUSE-12.2 Update" Update12.2

5. Make the Update repository automaticaly refresh itself:

 zypper mr -r Update12.2

6. Now the next commands I have executed from frame buffer 1 (see instruction at the beginning of the post).

zypper ref -> this will refresh all the stuff from current repositories (only the opensuse 12.1 ones that are active).

zypper dup -d  -> this will download all the new packages. You will be asked about acceptation of licences and stuff like that, answer "yes" if you agree and would like the installation to proceed. For my system it was 1948 packages to be downloaded. Wait patiently.

zypper dup -> this command will actually install all the previously downloaded stuff. Once again there can pop up questions about accepting diverse licenses.

7. Install done? Than it's time to reboot. For me everything worked after the upgrade. Some

8. Now run Repository Management in YaST and try to edit and turn on the additional repositories from the previous version of openSUSE:

9. After editing the additional repos run YaST -> Software Management -> [Menu] Package -> All Packages -> Upgrade, if newer version is available.

10. Add Muzlocker fonts for OpenSUSE 12.2, if you like the smooth LCD screen fonts, use this instruction: Muzlocker Subpixel fonts

and have a lot of fun!

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